About Me!

Hi! I'm Randa. My friends call me Randy or Randall

and Starbucks calls me Miranda or Rhonda. 

I'm originally from Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Huskers!), where I found my love of performing at a tiny middle/high school in the middle of a cornfield as Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls Jr. I was HOOKED!

I went to college in another small town one state over

where I double majored in vocal performance and theatre.

I dabbled in opera and sound design, but upon graduating decided to return to my musical theatre roots.

Over the next few years, I performed in states all over

the USA, from California to Florida, even my home state. 


Early in my career, I was told that if I could think of anything else that I would rather be doing, I should be doing that instead. In the midst of a pandemic and the loss of not only my job,

but my industry, I have found that I truly could not imagine

a different path for me and that I will do anything to

continue my work in storytelling.