In college, I spent two summers dedicated to working as an education director in children's theatre for both the Youth Actors Academy of Lincoln and the Crane River Explore Theater Program. More recently, I have taught and assisted in any workshops I can work on! In fact, I was one of the instructors of the Great American Melodrama's musical theatre audition workshops in the summer of 2018.


Though I am not pursuing a profession solely in education, I still enjoy working with kids and young artists in voice lessons and audition workshops. I hope to continue sharing my love of theatre and music with the next generation of stars.

If you would like to schedule a voice lesson, or inquire about other teaching services, feel free to contact me!

Teaching Artist Resume


Performing with and for kids

In 2017, four of the eight productions Randa was involved in included young adult actors. While many people overlook this experience, Randa understands that to work with young artists in a professional setting is to not only grow as a performer, but as an educator. She assisted in directing Flounder musically in The Round Barn Theatre's production of The Little Mermaid and continues to build relationships with all of her cast mates no matter how old they are.

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More than Sword Fighting

In the summer of 2014, Randa worked with over 400 children around the Kearney, NE area in 14 different workshops as a part of the Crane River Theater's "Explore Theater" program. In addition to creating structured lesson plans and teaching classes, she also wrote and compiled scripts for each individualized class of students.  

Lights, Camera, Action!

In one of the summer classes with the Crane River Theater's "Explore Theater" program, Randa worked with middle schoolers to create a series of videos and scenes based in the world of film. They learned about different jobs in the film industry and even created an opening credit sequence to present to their parents.